Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rainbow Jelly

Rainbow Jelly and bits

Have you seen all the rainbow jelly bits everywhere.
Such a simple idea and so easy to make. Maybe a little time is needed but they look great and taste just as good.
The whole rainbow theme for parties has taken off and here are a few ideas.
instructions attached for hours of fun.

Made for my neice Kara to sell at school to raise money for  charity.
They raised the most money and won bet stand design.

I used little jars from a $2 store and just did 2 colors for a little Tea party.

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Delicious rainbow in a Jar c/o

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Designed by me
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Simple and effective
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Great idea and will post the one i do in the next week or so


Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the slack blogging the past few months.
I am now back and full of ideas.
I do have a good excuse, I had baby number 6.
Damien was born June 10th and a big baby at 4360grams,
It has taken me a while to get my head around 6 children.
Since Damien was born  we have had a few great parties and i hve spent many hours feeding and surfing the nett.
Stay tuned for the fun stuff i have found.

Just Hatched

3 Day old feet

Still in hospital and 3 days old. I bought this home made hat at Etsy, I have done Damiens room in the owl theme and thought this would be cute.

Another Etsy find

With his big brother Brayden

Daddies little man

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Roll up Roll up

When Our daughter Elyssa wanted a circus party it was a perfect unisex party with bright bold colors.
We decided on the red, white, yellow and blue. The clown was booked and production of the bunting and favor hats was started. The invitations were a laminated circus entrance ticket that hung around the child's neck.
The favor bags were great felt party hats that i found in a $2 dollar store and once filled with sweets , and circus toys we sealed them with cardboard that i had covered in red felt, sort of like your own mini pinata.
Elyssa's cake was made  by my girlfriend Wendy from "that's my cake".
In total we had 35 children running after the clown and playing bobbing apples. It worked out to be a great and very successful party. And just the start of Elyssa's great imagination when it comes to parties, Her next party was a belly dancing party.
Felt party hat favors filled with treats

Popcorn anyone

Party tent

A great and easy way to do party food, Can be prepared days before.

Circus party water

Made by Wendy

Birthday Girl Elyssa

Hand painted table decoration boxes