Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween 2010

I love Halloween and seeing the kids faces but don't like the blood and guts part of it. In Australia we are just coming around to the idea of Halloween but parents still need to educate children on the manners of Halloween door knocking.
In the past couple of years I have found that the older children go out without costumes and before the young children. The lollies plates so kindly left are emptied into a pillow slip.
Should we have an age limit to it? What about nut allergies and kids asking if they can have something different because they don't like the choice?
All of the above does not dampen my spirits yet, and I will still get out the pumpkins and webs to decorate the front door.

Now when you see the very talented Tomkat from The Tomkat Studio and her Halloween idea, this should inspire you.
Beautiful color, design and ideas you can also buy your Halloween cards from her shop.

I hope you enjoy the following photos

http://tomkatstudio. halloween

Invitation from Tomkat Studios
Spooky spiders from Tomkat Studios

Purple Glitter Tree from Tomkat Studios this was her whole Halloween inspiration
From Tomkat Studios
From Tomkat Studios
Simply stunning by Tomkat Studio

Wedding Season is in the air

With spring in the air and the warm weather upon us it's wedding season. Yippee

A good friend of mine is getting married on Friday. We call her a family manager... "She" is Karen and my sisters last nanny for 6 years. Karen has been at all 6 births in our family and one of her own.
Now its her special day. A total of 10 children are in her wedding party and the theme is lilac and beige.

Photos posted next week.

We know it will be a beautiful day. Preparations and planning have been happening for about a year with every detail thought and dreamt about.

Some great sights to get ideas are. Things you can do at home. Very beautiful.





Even Very pregnant Karen took the kids to a cookie factory. To see how they are made and of course a taste test.
With 4 of my children, Sienna, Elyssa, Monique and Logan.
Brayden was still a twinkle in daddy's eye.
Karen and her beautiful baby Indiana.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tea Party anyone

When our daughter Monique wanted a Tea Party I was so excited to design something old fashioned with a twist of modern day. Fairy booked , smartie flowers made and baskets all ready for the 30 guests. We decided on pinks and blues. The favor was a hand made flower in the theme color with a tasty centre of smarties. The house we lived in at the time was not suitable for a party so decide on the local park and gazebo. It soon became our known party venue for the other children as you will see in the coming weeks.

So sit back make a cuppa and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Made by partylicious and designed by me

Food baskets instead of platters of food

And it tasted great

Birthday Girl Monique

Monique's invitation was a teacup and a gift tag swinging off the handle.