Wednesday, October 27, 2010

City girl hits the country

I just thought that I would give you a little more insight to Cabbage Tree Island and our family life.
Our island has no water except for the tanks now when we moved in here 8 months ago the tanks were almost empty. With winter now over they did fill but with a family our size that does not last long. We are still trained like city kids, water just runs freely.
Needless to say a couple of weeks ago we ran out. A kind neighbour from across the water said we could hook up to his tap and pump water into our tanks. 600m of pipe and a few friends to help we sunk the pipe on the bed of the river with bricks and marked it with the Australian flags so boats don't ripe our pipe out.
32 hours of the tap running we are now 3/4 full. You wouldn't believe it the day were were laying the pipe it actually started to rain.

Both Chris and I want the children to understand that living in the country is different to the city. We grow avocados and have 500 trees, chickens have been bought and we now get a dozen a day. we box them up and send them to family and friends to earn a little pocket money and holiday fund.

So far we love the country life with a LOT of funny stories and some not so funny. A friend said I should write a book called "The misadventures of Britta's Island". Not such a bad idea. With getting Partylicious up and running again other huge things in the future ( TBA ) it might have to be great idea for now.

Our home grown, organic, vegetarian eggs
1 of 500 avocado trees
Elyssa holding the pipe
Good friend Christen wet suit and all... I reckon he loved the adventure.
The team of workers
Me directing oncoming boats.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10th October 10

Happy 10.10.10

Our daughter Sienna asked me some time ago if we could have a party on 10.10.10 at 10 am.
Great idea. Out went the invitation of a Partylicious lollipop.
Theme colors were orange, lime,pink and yellow.

It was a wonderful day with the rain now gone decorations out the party was on its way.
Everyone turned up to our island either by boat or we picked them up from the mainland.
Even the boat was dressed up for the day with 15 meters of homemade bunting.

The kids had a lolly buffet after the sack races but to get the favor bag to fill with sweets we hid them on one of the 500 Avocado trees.

By the time everyone left at 2 we were being asked if we were going to have a party for 11.11.11.
Answer to that is absolutely.
Invitation was delivered in a cello bag and bow

Handmade Bali flags

A buffet for kids and kids at heart... go Judy we love you

Tiffany was not about to be left out