About me

Hi my name is Britta but often get called Glitter. I have 5 Divine children and yes trying to decide if I should have a 6th. Married for ...wow 11 years this month to Chris a wonderful hard working uncreative man, Perfect really otherwise our heads would butt.

We have just moved to our island called Cabbage Tree its 130 acres . 4 hours north of Sydney. No family around just the friends I have made in the last 6 months.

I sort of feel like crocodile dundee did when he visited New York but I am the city girl that's hit the country.
We have sheep roaming around and now have 14 chicken that are finally laying so many eggs that we send them to Sydney for the family. Yes snakes as well. Not that we get o close to them except when i found one is my babies T shirt draw last week. Don't Ask.....
1) I thought it was plastic
2) it moved and so did I
3) I got a container and shoved it on top of the little bugger
4) called for help
5) spent the night on the Internet to find out what type it was.

Little thing was venomous but not life threatening. Ok now back to normal.

I have 4 children that go to the local school, total student population is 37 with 2 fantastic teachers. Every morning I have to take the kids to school by boat. Rain hail or shine.
So the days are spent designing, trying and i use that word loosely trying to get a vege patch up and growing. But its just not happening.
Sienna is 10 going on 15 and a huge help to me
Elyssa is my creative one and 9
Monique will be the lawyer like daddy and 7
Logan is a typical boy and 6 in 2 days
Brayden rules the house at 18 months

Before children and marriage I was a flight attendant and set decorator for children,s TV. Paint and glitter has always been a huge part of growing up with a mother that is a teacher and artist.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and please feel free to email me any questions or suggestions. Please be gentle though as blogging is all very new to me.

Britta Glitter.

Sienna 10
Monique 7
Elyssa 9

Brayden 18 months
Logan 6
Off to school
Elyssa the creative one
Just mucking about on the island
A day in the sun
What a fish you say ... Chris and Bray
My Fav shot, its everything that makes Australia 
Off to chase the sheep