Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slip n Slide because you are 5

Slip "n " Slide

Another sister and another party. This time its my sisters son Addison.
He turned 5 in December.
We hired out Manly waterworks on a warn Saturday afternoon.
35 children and many adults enjoyed the slides for 2 hours.
We heated up the Barbie ( BBQ for those that don't know ) 
It was one of the easiest parties yet.

Take home gift was a towel and lolly pop.

Elyssa enjoying every second

No waste with this ice cream cake.

A night to remember 11.11.11

How could I let 11.11.11 pass without a party. 
I sat the children down and we came up with the idea of a movie night outside on the tennis court. Its the beginning of summer here in Australia so its the perfect weather.
The theme colors for the were light pink, blue, and yellow.
With the popcorn machine and movie screen booked we were half way there.
The night was a great success with at least 80 adults and children.
We asked everyone to BYO deck chair and we supplied the food, movie ( Cars 2 ), drinks and of course the ice cream buffet.

These fun lanterns were made by me but designed by "Elegantly Done" they were very time consuming but really added to the buffet effect. To add a little fun we had glow sticks we cracked for night time.

Topping included, crushed malteasers, gummy bears, smarties, milo, sprinkles,crushed flake bars. Way way to many goodies.

A help yourself popcorn bar. The cups used were large milkshake cups we put our own label on.
Sweet treat bags were handed out through the movie,

Enviro spoons

Ice cream cups large enough to hold ice cream and as many toppings as you want. Just delicious.

Caramel, chocolate , strawberry

And its up in just a few seconds.

Sienna and Kara helping out with the ice cream.

For how to make these fun lanterns click on the link above.

We had 100 white lantern everywhere leading the way. At night we had pink, blue and yellow glow sticks in them.