Monday, January 9, 2012

Tiffany's turning 5

Shell - e - brate with Tiffany

When my sister Liza told me that Tiffany was wanting a mermaid party I raised my hand and took on the task of designing and making everything with help from my girls and of course grandma Beth.

Tiffy Two shoes as we call he does not say much and is usually quiet around me. Slowly over the few weeks before hand I was showing her all the treat that had been made. To see her face light up was priceless. I had a mermaid board on Pinterest that helped a lot ,

This was Tiffany's first "real " party before starting school. We wanted a homemade party with all the delights but did not want it to look like it was staged and bought. The weather was mermaid perfect and we had a great time as you will see in the photos.

Mermaid Wand invitations
Treasure hunt bags

An added bit of glam borrowed from my girls bedroom

Our very own jelly fish

Mermaid water

Little tea spoons we added a stick on pearl to the end

Single serve jelly's very easy and very effective have a look at my rainbow blog entry for the "how to"

A simple box lid turned upside down with pearls to decorate

Party tent with our Tiffy

Clam cookies

Party girl

Sand castle cake made by Grandma Beth

Mermaid milk, we dipped the rim of the glass in icing and then sprinkles

Instead of a party table and chairs we cut our 25 clam shells with a long picnic blanket.
Then we could use the shells later for party games.

Tooth picks with pearl beads hot glued on the end.

My Elyssa was a helper for the day

Ahhhh I love this, I suggested to Tiffany's father to dress up.
Robert came as a deep sea diver and loved every second. I reckon that is such a fun idea.

Photo op painting by grandma Beth.

We had a very magical mermaid from the best fairies and mermaids in Sydney.
I would recommend them time and time again

Favor bag filled with goodies
One of the favor goodies were mermaid bubble bath. Empty bottles
from a $2 shop and decorated with  rhinestone and tag.